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Based in London, Ontario since 2015. ​

  Your diagnosis or difficulty does not have to define you or limit your potential and your life. With a genuine commitment to helping you achieve success, services are customized to what you need most. 


Live Connected.

Speech, language, communication and swallowing services for all ages.

​​The ability to communicate at your best is not something you can put a price tag on. When communication difficulties occur, speech-language pathologists can help. Why let your unused benefits go to waste? Use your extended health care benefits to get the help you need.

​Communication is what makes us human and we need it for daily life.

Challenges or disorders of speech, language or communication can occur at any age, making it hard to function and succeed in daily life, school, work, social interactions and relationships. 

At Connect Speech Language & Swallowing Services, our speech therapists (speech-language pathologists) are the experts trained to help. Our expertise also includes swallowing difficulties. As regulated health professionals, we address communication or swallowing concerns and, in doing so, positively impact confidence, health, well-being, quality-of-life and interactions with others.

Get in touch with us today. We have no waiting lists and would be happy to help you!

Therapy is based on research evidence to ensure it is as effective as possible. Innovative techniques and the latest technology may be used to engage you and help you reach your communication goals.

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