Service rates are set in accordance with the fee schedule set by the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. ​

Rates vary depending on the area of concern, session type (assessment vs. therapy), session duration, session location (online or in-office vs. in-home) and the format of therapy (1-to-1 vs. group therapy). 

Fees include: 

  • Session time
  • Session materials and preparation time
  • Scoring/analysis of assessment results
  • Provision of a one-page assessment summary
  • Review of any incoming documentation
  • Communication with others involved in client's care (e.g. physicians, teachers, caregivers)*
  • All email or phone calls with client
  • Documentation of all activities with client​​

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Accepted forms of payments include cash, credit card, cheque or electronic money transfer to 

Click here for funding, tax deductions, as well as questions to ask your employee health benefits insurer. Most workplaces offer employee health benefit plans that include speech-language pathology coverage to reimburse you for therapy expenses. Expenses may also be considered for tax purposes; speak to a qualified accountant. Financial assistance from charities may also be available.  If you are a veteran, there are additional options available to you through Blue Cross.

*Additional fees may apply for email, fax or phone communication with others involved in client's care if longer than a duration of 15 minutes.

Service rates

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